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SRG Properties

SRG Properties develops and operates a prestigious portfolio of real estate assets in Dubai and the UAE. Skilled in adding value at all levels of the property supply chain, from land acquisition and project development to leasing, sales and facility management, the company delivers superior results to its clients, tenants and customers.

SRG Leasing

SRG Leasing provides professional and efficient sales and leasing services for all properties developed and owned by SRG Holding.

SRG Facility Management

An exceptional level of care is put into each aspect of every single SRG Holding development, from its design through to its construction and finishing. Likewise, the upmost attention and skill is put into managing and maintaining these properties.

Our History

SRG Holding has its origins in the thriving Dubai Creek trading environment of the late-1950s. Company founder AbdulSalam AlRafi joined his father Mohammed Rafi Mohammed Saeed AlRafi already a successful merchant at his shop in the bustling AlRas Deira souq where they worked together importing flour, fat and other products from countries including Myanmar (Burma), India, Yemen, Kenya and later Australia and Iran.

After learning the business, AbdulSalam struck out on his own, launching a foodstuff import business in 1959 before expanding into foodstuff manufacturing. By the early 1970s, the company had added real estate development to its operations, providing commercial and residential properties to meet the needs of the booming city.

Over the following four decades, the company — called the Abdulsalam AlRafi Group — continued to expand, reflecting the growth of Dubai itself.  The company has become one of the most successful family-run property developers in the UAE, responsible for some of the most prestigious and well-know residential and commercial buildings in the city.

During this period, AbdulSalam’s grown sons — Mohamed and Fahad — took on increasing levels of responsibility, learning the company’s progressively more sophisticated business lines in the same way AbdulSalam had learned from his own father.

The company’s founder, AbdulSalam AlRafi, passed away in 2014, having ensured his two sons were well-prepared to take over the business. Now a Dubai International Financial Centre-registered company, SRG Holding Ltd. continues to be family owned and managed, led by Mohamed AlRafi as Chairman and Fahad AlRafi as CEO.